Happy Holidays


Hello FrüzNation!

Some may say ’tis the most wonderful time of the year, or this is the time of  the year where you spend lots of money on gifts. Regardless of what you think of this holiday or how you celebrate this holiday, we are sure Ü agree that this is the time of the year to spend with your loved ones! Everyone gather together after long periods of busy schedules to enjoy the moment of being surrounded by the people that means the world to Ü. Take this time to catch up with everyone and to show them that Ü care.
Along with spending quality time with friends and family, don’t forget to relax!
It is important to be spending time with others, but you need to carve out some time to be by yourself. Ü deserve to have a moment to yourself to de-stress from the busy schedules. Try not to think about work or school for this holiday, sometimes Ü need some me time to focus and to work on yourself. Remember, it’s all about Ü!

From the Yogen Früz family to yours, we want to wish everyone a
Happy Holiday!

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