Thank Ü for the support for The Canadian Down Syndrome Society: Kayla’s Flavür


From November 1st to December 10th, we were honoured to partner up with the Canadian Down Syndrome Society to celebrate Canadians with Down syndrome! We took this opportunity to introduce you to our number one fan, Kayla, who worked with us to create her own flavür called Kayla’s Flavür: mango, strawberry, and banana! It was exciting to introduce you, FrüzNation, to Kayla because she is a beloved individual in the Yogen Früz head office! Taking this opportunity to further celebrate Canadians with Down syndrome was truly empowering because Kayla is the daughter of Aaron Serruya, the co-founder and CEO of Yogen Früz!

During this period of time, for every purchased Kayla’s Flavür, 10% proceeds of each purchases were donated to the Canadian Down Syndrome Society! From Yogen Früz to you all, we really want to say,

Thank Ü, FrüzNation!!

 Here are some of the visitors to Yogen Früz who enjoyed Kayla’s Flavür!

CDSS-YF-KaylasFlavur2Some of the CDSS team members celebrating together!

Enjoying Kaylas Flavur at Market Mall, Calgary-smaller
This is Leo enjoying a cup of Kayla’s Flavür while supporting his aunt and other Canadians with Down syndrome!
(Market Mall, Calgary)

 Enjoying Kaylas Flavur at Southcentre, Calgary-smaller
This is Lynn enjoying the refreshing mix of Kayla’s Flavür! It feels great to celebrate and to support Canadians with Down syndrome!
(Southcentre Mall, Calgary)

Ed-Emma-Peter-Mary-Tom- FV Mall-KitchenerThis is Ed, Emma, Peter, Mary and Tommy lüvin Kayla’s Flavür!
(Fairview Mall, Kitchener)

Last but not least, here is Kayla attending a meeting with the CDSS’ Sam (Employer Engagement Co-Facilitator) and Michael (Inclusive Employment Project Coordinator)!

Thank Ü again for the lüv and support!

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