Yogen Fruz Ü Serve Opening at a Location Near You!

Whether you are in New York, Miami, Toronto, Mexico, Greece or Saudi Arabia, be sure to check out our new Ü Serve locations!  This cool concept lets you explore your inner ‘Yogurtista’.  Fill the cup with your favorite froyo, then top it off with fresh fruit or other healthy and indulgent toppings, then weigh & pay.  It’s as easy as 1,2,3 (literally)!  The froyo possibilities are just as endless as your imagination!  See you soon!

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One response to “Yogen Fruz Ü Serve Opening at a Location Near You!”

  1. Danissa says:

    Sooo happy you guys are coming to new jersey!! I lived in the dominican republic and had the joy of eating the large cup of mango yogen fruz, cant wait to have a cup!! Love you guys!!

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