Yogen Früz Arrives in Brazil

Brazil is loving the tart refreshing taste of Yogen Früz frozen yogurt. People in the capital city of Brasilia are now enjoying yummy cups of tart froyo topped with fruit or mixed right in. Following Brasilia’s lead towards healthier food choices are Rio de Janeiro and San Paulo where 4 more Yogen Früz stores will be open by end of year. Saúde Brazil!

To get your own froyo, head over to your local Yogen Früz, now open in more than 25 countries and 1200 locations worldwide.

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3 responses to “Yogen Früz Arrives in Brazil”

  1. monica Huynh says:

    Pls, send to me the Yogenfruz store pictures

  2. F i L y says:

    😀 Great news… I hope the stores on Argentina will open soon!

  3. yosi says:

    what s the address

    >> See here Brasilia, Brazil Store

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