Yogen Fruz is a smash hit in Upstate New York

Yogen Früz opened at Eastview Mall in Victor, New York. By the looks of the delighted crowd and the line-ups, the new store is a smash hit! Yogen Früz will be opening 14 more stores in the Rochester area in the coming months. Stay tuned for more!

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5 responses to “Yogen Fruz is a smash hit in Upstate New York”

  1. mariabiddle says:

    we need one in New york City ASAP!, i had some in Santo Domingo and i can’t believe we don’t have some in the city..*tear

  2. henry says:

    Please open store in manhattan!!!
    I need a yogen fruz urgently.


  3. christina says:

    yogen fruz is so good! please open the stores asap! will there be any stores opening in nj?

  4. divya says:

    Please do open a store in Manhattan or Brooklyn! I recently took a trip to vietnam where I had my first Yogen Fruz-delicious, even though I normally prefer full fat ice cream fan. You guys would do very well in this city!!!

  5. Emely says:

    Pleaseeeee open in manhattan. I got addicted to yogen fruz when i was in the dominican republic.

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